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WAVE is the premier platform for managing artwork in the retail industry


The WAVE retail software solutions empowers you to streamline your brand management process and optimize the approval process using an advanced toolkit for artwork review. By leveraging WAVE, you can drive efficiency in your supply chain and significantly reduce time-to-market. Transform your operations planning throughout the entire value chain with the comprehensive capabilities of WAVE.


Proven WAVE benefits for your retail business


Our retail automation software planning solutions

Evaluate planning

WAVE offers precise and reliable demand forecasts by efficiently incorporating the influence of numerous demand factors. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights into upcoming demand, facilitating enhanced planning across brand management, supply chain, and operations.

Artwork Management

Integrate artwork management and approval workflows with the transparency and accuracy of scientific methods, utilizing AI-based planning for impactful business decisions regarding workload, approval processes, reworks, and throughput analysis.

Standard Operation process

Our AI-powered SOP workflows optimize time-to-market availability while minimizing expenses. Our flexible solution guarantees the ability to adapt to dynamic demand and market conditions, ensuring sustained competitiveness.


Bid farewell to organizational silos with WAVE. Our platform fosters cross-functional alignment, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and resource utilization across your entire business. Through improved collaboration, we empower you to maximize output and sales for optimal results.

See WAVE in action

Kindly complete the provided form, and a member of our experienced team will promptly contact you to address your specific requirements. Additionally, you can also explore our Demo Content form to get a practical glimpse of our retail CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offerings.

Proven WAVE benefits for your Retails business

Optimized workflows for high time-to-market performance availability

Enhance and streamline approval workflows to ensure top-notch artwork quality, quick time-to-market availability, and increased turnover. Achieve these goals while minimizing operational costs by leveraging qualified artwork deliveries and user-friendly standard operating processes (SOPs).

Automate your artwork process to achieve high accuracy

Initiate numerous precise tasks automatically through the WAVE logic builder, powered by machine learning-based forecasting. This advanced system captures the influence of various demand factors, ensuring accurate job execution while considering all relevant drivers of demand.

Manage the full cycle for your artwork and product content items

Effortlessly integrate product content and translation with corresponding artwork, automated timing calculations, and time-to-market clearance. This streamlined process includes optimized markdowns and performance allocation, ensuring efficient and effective execution.

Customize and unify your core retail processes for brand management

Experience enhanced visibility and effective management of content, artworks, KPIs, and marketing assets through a centralized WAVVE solution. Unlock the benefits of streamlined operations across essential retail processes by leveraging this comprehensive platform.

Ready to transform your retail planning?