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Transform your artwork management with WAVE – where accuracy meets efficiency


Achieve Compliance and Streamlined Workflows with WAVE’s Artwork Management System

WAVE simplifies artwork creation for businesses with a centralized platform for managing files and automating workflows. Ensure compliance with industry standards, establish version control, and collaborate in real-time. With tools to enhance accuracy and streamline workflows, WAVE’s Artwork Management module minimizes errors, reduces costs, and optimizes processes.


Customizable frontend for efficient product data management and communication


User-friendly workflow tool for clear project status, progress tracking, and flexible milestone configuration.


Efficient communication tool with organized files, tasks, and dashboard for easy sharing


Traceable approval module with change management for decisive inspections


State-of-the-art online viewer with tailored tools for qualified revisions, integrated into WAVE for seamless use

Wave Core Modules

Revolutionizing Your Workflow with WAVE Core Modules


Quick and user-friendly forms with customizable options.

Outline, our briefing tool, comes with a pre-configured form that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Its frontend allows you to gather all the relevant information about your products. Using WAVE, different users can collaborate, review and approve product specifications. With Outline, you can ensure consistent communication of your product data and maintain a long-term archive of your products.

Individual briefing formDefine responsibilitiesSet timingsVisibility to al


A Comprehensive Overview on Enhancing Transparency and Efficiency

TIMELINE, our workflow tool, offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies your artwork project management. It presents your processes in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to quickly assess the status of your projects and track the progress of all project components. With TIMELINE, we configure your standard business processes into flexible and transparent forms with predefined milestones for ease of use.

Simplify complexityFilter by milestonesVisibility of timingsDetailed job status


Enhancing Communication through Traceable Workflows

COMMUNICATE, our project communication tool, streamlines and organizes your communication channels. It reduces the clutter of emails and messages that lack necessary details by managing files logically according to categories. With user-specific task lists and chat requests, you can easily request information or seek answers. Your dashboard displays all information neatly structured, making it always accessible and traceable at any time.

COMMUNICATEProject communication toolStreamlineOrganize


Simplifying Complexity with Intelligent Workflows

APPROVE, WAVE’s approval process module, enables transparent and traceable tracking and documentation of every product revision, ensuring a decisive and high-quality inspection process for your company. It involves a wide range of parties who may act sequentially or in parallel, with changes communicated, annotated, and checked via a robust change management process.

Simplity approval processFull history of all approval loopsVisual status updatesTask notification


Efficiently Checking Artwork Files with Ease

VISUALISE offers a range of state-of-the-art online viewer tools and creative asset management that are tailored to the type of document and task at hand, enabling qualified revisions. Whether you need simple correction annotations, text corrections with a live text function, version comparisons, or automatic analysis of document differences, all of these functions are seamlessly integrated into WAVE without requiring you to change the tool.

Review and annotate artwork filesCompare artwork versions & different filesProfessional toolset for reviewingCollaborate with other users

Get a grip on your artwork management process with WAVE’s centralised platform