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Achieve great content with WAVE's comprehensive and flexible content management solution


Optimize your content management process with the power of WAVE

Transform your product-related digital text with content project management software and localization with Phrase & Translate, WAVE’s innovative solution. This powerful tool simplifies and streamlines the creation and management process, allowing users to easily create reliable product information. By leveraging the terminology database and translation memory, you can create consistent and accurate translations in multiple languages ​​and take your product communication to a new level.


PHRASE streamlines content workflow, simplifies data organization, and provides seamless user experiences.


Translate simplifies content translation, expands reach, improves automation and compliance, and streamlines product information management.


Get organized and work efficiently with Phrase Content Management System

PHRASE is the ultimate toolkit for creating, organizing and validating all types of product information, ensuring an efficient workflow for product content from creation to final approval. With PHRASE, managing and distributing product information has never been easier. You can compile your data in one place and provide your users with a seamless and immersive product experience.

Save all phrases for all productsFast SearchCategories phrases quickly and easilyRelational product search


Optimize your multilingual communication with Translate

Translate automates the translation of your content to efficiently communicate products to a wider audience in multiple languages, supports automation and regulatory compliance, and enables efficient search and storage of packaging and marketing information.

Distribute phrases for translationTask based optionsEasy onboarding of translation agenciesIntegrate with translation services

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