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Additional Features

Join the WAVE of innovation with Additional features WAVE - the ultimate tool for growth.

Our additional features and tools enable you to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, helping you to achieve your business goals


Cutting-Edge Solutions for Product Enhancement

Additional features WAVE is a platform designed to provide customizable and scalable features to enhance the functionality of a product. It offers cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to add new and innovative features to their product, improve user experience, increase engagement, and drive growth. The platform is feature-rich, and it enables businesses to tailor their product to their specific needs, helping them to stand out in their market and exceed customer expectations. With Additional features WAVE, businesses can ride the wave of innovation and unlock new possibilities, taking their product to the next level and achieving their goals


Collate helps manage document approvals for different teams and allows custom workflows for various office documents.


Maximize productivity, simplify workflows, automate tasks, boost accuracy, empower decisions, optimize spending, and accelerate growth with Palette WAVE’s customizable interface.


Effortlessly centralize media, optimize communication, seamlessly integrate 5FLOW with Pixelboxx DAM for a comprehensive web-based solution in WAVE.


Automate with XML interfaces. Import data daily, integrate automations in WAVE workflows.


Make compliance document approval easy with WAVE Collate!

Collate allows you to oversee document and process approvals for multiple user groups, such as Quality, R&D, Buying, and Marketing. This powerful tool enables you to create customized or pre-existing workflows for your office documents. Whether it’s invoices, sales quotations, marketing texts, pack copy content, or product specifications, Collate has got you covered

Compliance document approvalWAVE CollateUser groupsCustomized workflows


Driving Business Growth with Palette WAVE

Palette offers a range cutting-edge features that enable businesses to optimize their productivity, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance. With Palette, businesses can simplify their workflow, automate processes, and reduce manual data entry, eliminating errors and improving accuracy. The platform provides complete visibility into the entire procure-to-pay process, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and control their spend effectively. Palette WAVE’s intuitive interface and customizable features make it easy for businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs, streamline their operations, and drive growth

Business growthPalette WAVEWorkflow optimizationCustomizable features


ELEMENTS is a complete digital asset management solution that is web-based and integrated in nature

ELEMENTS is a web-based digital asset management solution that enables centralized management of various types of media, including images, photos, graphics, texts, PDFs, layouts, 3D, audio, and video files. Its powerful features allow numerous customers to optimize their internal and external communication and media-related business processes effectively. As part of our partnership with Pixelboxx, 5FLOW seamlessly integrates with their DAM technology. When combined with ELEMENTS, Pixelboxx DAM becomes a comprehensive and fully functional web-based digital asset management system that can be easily utilized within the WAVE platform

ELEMENTSDigital asset managementWeb-based solutionIntegration with Pixelboxx DAM


Integrating with Ease: Optimizing Workflows with XML Interfaces in WAVE Workflow Automation

Harness the power of REST API with INTEGRATE, a cutting-edge solution offering a versatile and adaptable interface. Built on industry standards and protocols, INTEGRATE eliminates the hassle of additional software installations. Supporting multiple formats including XML, JSON, and more, it seamlessly caters to diverse client systems. Experience the freedom and efficiency of REST API design with INTEGRATE and revolutionize your integration capabilities.

Rest APIIntegrateVersatile and adaptable interfaceRevolutionize integration capabilities

Experience even more with our additional features