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Data analysis

(evaluate module)

Efficiency Made Visible: Unleash the power of data visualization


Evaluate: Your comprehensive solution for data analysis and visualization

The Evaluate module uses Tableau to create visualizations that improve the artwork management process. These dashboards provide information about historical trends and help identify bottlenecks in the process. By applying a lean methodology, users can manage the process efficiently by identifying critical orders based on lead times. The data analytics platform dashboards are fully integrated into Wave and therefore easy to use.

Analytical solution

Increase efficiency and streamline artwork management with 5Flow Dashboards.

Evaluate data

Harness the power of data: Evaluate data (version 2) Simplifies insights.

Data extraction

Merge and maximize data potential: Integrate internal and wave data with the Evaluate Data Lake AddOn.

Operation solution

Track progress, predict success: Streamline project management with Evaluate OnePager.

Evaluate module

Simplify your data management with Evaluate

Analytical solution

Our dashboards improve artwork management by showing historical trends and identifying bottlenecks in the process.

Adopting the Lean methodology leads to efficient management of critical tasks. Comprehensive views of active orders, approval loops and revisions, easily with the Wave integration

Evaluate dashboardsManagement of works of artIdentification of bottlenecksLean methodology

Evaluate data

Evaluate Data (version 2) is a tool in Wave that enables efficient extractions of raw data in Excel or CSV formats. With Tebleau Desktop support, users can answer their business queries by filtering the data on the frontend.

The reports available with Evaluate Data are:

  • Overview Report
  • Keen Job Report
  • Task Report
  • Timing Report
Evaluate Data (Version 2)Raw data downloadTableau deskFront-end filtering

Data extraction

Evaluate Data Lake AddOn is suitable for customers who want to merge their internal data, such as SAP, with Wave data.

MySQL-based BI teams and data analytics tools are perfect for this Data Lake Addon, which uses the same reporting formats and data structures as Evaluate Data. The data is stored in a MySQL database hosted by 5Flow via a secure VPN tunnel and is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Evaluate Data Lake AddOnInternal data integrationMySQL data lakeSecure VPN access

Operation solution

Evaluate OnePager is a customized project overview for builders to track work progress and backlogs.

It provides in-depth analysis of approval loops and team utilization using a live DB and data-driven models that predict future utilization based on historical data.

Evaluate OnePagerOverview of the projectTracking order progressData-driven analysis

Additional data-driven solutions

Expand your horizons with the flexibility of expansion modules

SLA Dashboard

The Evaluate module’s SLA dashboard displays service performance indicators in real time, enabling companies to monitor and resolve issues to ensure high customer satisfaction and contract fulfillment. Perfect for service providers, IT and customer support teams.

Ad hoc requests

Ad Hoc Queries allows users to create custom reports on-demand by selecting specific data fields and filters. This provides flexibility and customization for users who need to analyze data in ways not offered by standard reports.

Don’t settle for guesswork – use Evaluate’s data analytics to drive your business forward