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5FLOW is an international software company that helps companies keep pace with the upcoming challenges of digital communications through technological innovation. For more than 20 years, our group of companies has been providing agile digital platforms to create digital communication and inspiring customer experiences. 5FLOW was founded in 2011 as a start-up spin-off of the Matthews Group.

Our Artwork Management System WAVE was developed on the basis of existing WEB.portal technology and, due to our extensive experience in brand management, is clearly focused on software solutions in the field of design, project and content management. We see each of our customers as a partner and each project as a collaborative effort. Therefore, we always strive to help our partners as much as possible while learning as much as possible from their specific challenges.

Always on the move

Current projects

Dashboard 2.0
Phrase & Translate 2.0
HubX (SGK)

Agile development

The 5FLOW team is agile in software development, adapting quickly to customer requirements and changes without increasing the risk of errors.

Process knowledge

As an independent member of the SGK Group, 5FLOW is a service provider for brand management solutions, where the process knowledge of the team as well as the whole group is of benefit.

Workflow Optimization

Use the advantages of WAVE and the knowledge of the 5FLOW team to speed up your artwork management process. Reduce correction runs and costs by optimizing your workflow.

Agile development
Process knowledge
Workflow Optimization

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