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As a service provider of brand management solutions, 5FLOW 2011 was founded as a start-up from the

Cooperation of the group

The 5FLOW team consists of many new as well as experienced team members, who are familiar with

Do you know the current project status?

WAVE - Artwork Management System

Do you have a current status overview of the current projects at any time? The core module TIMELINE provides you with a milestone-based project dashboard.


Our workflow module TIMELINE

shows your processes in a simple and clear form. At a glance you can see the status of your projects and the progress of all project components. With TIMELINE we configure your standard business processes in a flexible and for the user transparent form. Along the milestones in TIMELINE, tasks are assigned to different process participants using different authorizations.

This makes it transparent who has which task in the project, so that work can be carried out in a team without a great deal of coordination effort. With TIMELINE you make your processes transparent and create the basis for efficient project management.

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