Outline Module

Fast & Easy to use. Configurable Forms.


OUTLINE provides a pre-configured form on your needs

Our briefing module OUTLINE offers a frontend that can be individually configured to your needs to collect all product-relevant information. Different users can merge, check and release product specifications in WAVE.

With Outline you guarantee consistent communication of your product data and have a long-term product archive.

Increase Transparency. Efficiency Overview!


TIMELINE simplifies processes with a clear status view

Our workflow module TIMELINE shows your processes in a simple and clear form. At a glance you can see the status of your projects and the progress of all project components. With TIMELINE we configure your standard business processes in a flexible and for the user transparent form along the pre-defined milestones.

Timeline Module

Improve Communication. Traceable Workflows!


COMMUNICATE organizes your project communication!

The COMMUNICATE module reduce the flood of emails and communications lacking detail. Files are managed logically according to categories. User-specific task lists, chat requests as info or with a request for an answer.  On your dashboard you will find everything neatly structured, always accessible and traceable at any time. COMMUNICATE organizes your project communication and groups all information in a history. With the COMMUNICATE communication module you reduce the flood of emails. Files are managed logically by category. The module provides an effective audit trail and an excellent basis for a continuous improvement process.

Communicate Module

Intelligent workflows. Simplify complexity!


Approve Module

APPROVE, the approval process module.

With APPROVE you achieve product review which tracks and document every revision transparent and traceable. The approval process is certainly one of the decisive quality inspection process in a company.

A wide variety of parties

are involved and may act either sequentially or in parallel throughout the review process. Changes are communicated, annotated and checked on to a robust change management process. International teams work together and specifications are checked with the aid of check lists right across time zones.

How do you organise your approval processes?

Make the complexest approval processes secure and manageable with APPROVE, the approval process module in WAVE. The approval process is pretty much the decisive quality process in the company. The most diverse parties are involved in it and are integrated into the checking process either sequentially or parallelly.

With APPROVE you achieve

a product reliability that goes beyond market standard and is documented at all times in a closed quality chain.

Check Artwork files. Quickly & easily!


VISUALISE provides tools to perform a qualified revision.

With VISUALISE we rely on state-of-the-art online viewer products that provide tools individually tailored to the type of document and the task at hand. Whether simple correction annotations, text corrections with a live Text function, version comparisons, and automatic analysis of document differences – all these functions are seamlessly integrated into WAVE without changing the tool.

What document was last checked?

Were the documents displayed correctly, and are you certain that the right version was approved? Our different VISUALISE modules are the professional tools that your team needs to be able to carry out a qualified check.

  • Review & annotate files
  • Compare versions & different files
  • Professional toolset for reviewing
  • Collaborate with other users


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