Below you find an product overview about our additional modules:
Elements, Collate, GuideMe, Integrate

Advantages over classic file storage


ELEMENTS is a fully integrated web-based Digital Asset Management solution.

All kinds of media like images, photos, graphics, texts, PDFs, layouts, 3D, audio and video files are centrally administrated – ready for direct processing. Numerous customers are already optimizing their internal and external communication and media related business processes with ELEMENTS.

5FLOW operates with our DAM technology partner Pixelboxx. With ELEMENTS, the Pixelboxx DAM is a full and immediate operational web-based Digital Asset Management integration in WAVE.

Document Management & Approval


COLLATE – simplify compliance document approvals

With COLLATE, you can manage the approval of documents or processes across several user groups from Quality, R&D, Buying or Marketing. Collate creates predefined or individual approval workflows for your office documents. For example, you can create document approval flows that approve invoices, sales quotations. marketing texts, pack copy content, or product specifications.

Getting people to use your workflows should be simple


Learn how GUIDEME can help you better understand and guide your users!

The GuideMe Module accelerate the adoption of software. Together with our implementation team, we optimize trial conversions and user onboarding in your individual WAVE workflow landscape. Targeted messaging and walkthroughs in-app to improve onboarding and feature adoption. Centralize and prioritize product feedback to determine which features to build next.

GUIDEME delivers besides analytics insights to understand what your user base are doing across their tasks in WAVE.  journey.

Connect WAVE into your System landscape


Automate your processes by using your existing XML interfaces and e.g. import data automatically every day or integrate automatisms into WAVE workflows.

Integrate a synchron interface via REST API…

The INTEGRATE we deliver REST or RESTful API designed interface. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and takes advantage of existing protocols. While REST can be used over almost any protocol, HTTP is typically used in conjunction with web APIs. This means that developers do not need to install libraries or additional software to take advantage of a REST API design.

This flexibility of the REST API design allows you to create an API that meets your needs while satisfying the needs of a wide variety of client systems. Unlike SOAP, REST is not limited to XML, but can return XML, JSON, YAML, or any other format depending on what the client requests.

or a a-synchron interface via SOAP webservice

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX) is a dominant technology for Web services. Developing from the combination of HTTP servers, JavaScript clients and Plain Old XML (as distinct from SOAP and W3C Web Services), now it is frequently used with JSON as well as, or instead of, XML.

With INTERGRATE XML interfaces offer a universal possibility to synchronize information / data / products between programs or platforms. Often we form with WAVE INTERGRATE interfaces with programs from the areas of enterprise resource planning, administration (ERM, PIM) or data management (DAM, DMS) to match data.



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