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Benefits of WAVE

Easy access - transparent system

WAVE maps all relevant information for your artwork management process and provides the right information at the right time.

Keep an overview - simply filter and search

Manage all projects via the timeline overview, which provides you with all necessary information for tracking.

Cost optimization in marketing

Reduce marketing costs through transparency and effectively implement optimized communication and approval processes to increase productivity.

Increase time-to-market performance

Wave enables a reduction of the artwork development and release time by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the development process.

Always on the move

Experience WAVE in action!

We will show you how to optimise your artwork management process with WAVE and how to reduce the complexity in the handling of projects. Experience an interactive live demo, an overview of all applications as well as exemplary use cases and best practices

WAVE. Design Lifecycle Management

Experience the advantages of the WAVE modules. As a core system, WAVE is modular in design and consists of five core modules. OUTLINE, TIMELINE, COMMUNICATE, VISUALISE and APPROVE

Is all your product-relevant information available at all times? Do you manage this information effectively and is it available to all process participants? Then take a look at the core module OUTLINE!

Our briefing module OUTLINE offers a frontend that can be individually configured to your needs to collect all product-relevant information. Different users can merge, check and release product specifications in WAVE. A classic Master Data Management process in WAVE, which is part of your product information system Also, project-relevant information such as responsibilities and deadlines are communicated centrally in OUTLINE and are available to all process participants at all times. With Outline you guarantee consistent communication of your product data and have a long-term product archive. With OUTLINE you create the basis for effective multiple use of your product data.
Do you know the status of your projects? Do you always have an up-to-date status overview of your current projects? The core module TIMELINE provides you with a milestone-based project dashboard.

Our workflow module TIMELINE shows your processes in a simple and clear form. At a glance you can see the status of your projects and the progress of all project components. With TIMELINE we configure your standard business processes in a flexible and for the user transparent form. Along the milestones in TIMELINE, tasks are assigned to different process participants using different authorizations. This makes it transparent who has which task in the project, so that work can be carried out in a team without a great deal of coordination effort. With TIMELINE you make your processes transparent and create the basis for efficient project management.
How do you manage communication on your projects? Is the information flow traceable and documented at all times?

COMMUNICATE organizes your project communication and combines all information in a history. With the COMMUNICATE communication module you can reduce the flood of emails and communications lacking detail. Files are managed logically according to categories. User-specific task lists, chat requests as info or with a request for an answer. On your homepage you will find everything neatly structured, always accessible and traceable at any time. In this way, a representative regulation can also take effect without much coordination. COMMUNICATE summarizes all project information in a log file. An effective audit trail and an excellent basis for a continuous improvement process.
Who checked what? How do you organize your approval processes? The most complex release processes are secure and traceable with APPROVE, the release process module in WAVE.

The release process is certainly the decisive quality inspection process in a company. A wide variety of parties are involved and may act either sequentially or in parallel throughout the review process. International teams work together, specifications are checked across time zones using checklists. Changes are communicated, commented and passed on to a robust change management process. With APPROVE you achieve product safety which exceeds market standards and is documented at all times in a closed quality chain.
Which document was last checked? Were the documents displayed correctly and are you sure that the correct version was released?

Our different VISUALISE modules are the professional tools your team needs to perform a qualified audit. With VISUALISE we rely on third party products that provide tools individually tailored to the type of document and the task at hand. Whether simple correction annotations, text corrections with a live Text function, version comparisons, and automatic analysis of document differences - all these functions are seamlessly integrated into WAVE without changing the tool. This means we are open to innovations from the market and can react quickly to changing requirements.
Evaluate dashboards are a stack of visualizations with the aim of further improving the artwork management process. These dashboards not only report on the historical trends, but also help to identify the bottlenecks in the process. Using a lean methodology, the user can manage the process efficiently by identifying critical jobs based on takt times.

The different dashboards go into the depths of active jobs, approval loops, rework jobs, in-out performance and showcase the evolution of the process over time. The ability to slice the views with custom user selectable filters helps to deep dive further. Additional features include custom subscriptions which can be set by the user which trigger email alerts. The possibility to have the dashboards fully integrated with Wave makes them handy to use.
Phrase and Translate is our content management solution (CMS) in WAVE that helps to create, manage and optimize product related digital text content. (Copy Collation) Phrase allows users to run and collaborate on the creation, editing and production of proven product information. Translate allows an efficient and consistent multilingual product communication. Non-technical users can create, manage and publish digital content by content authoring using the terminology database of Phrase and an efficient localization using the the translation memory of Translate.


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