Content Management with WAVE


Reduce your time-to-market. Centralized product content


PHRASE provides efficient and organized product information!

Our Product Content Management Module, PHRASE, is a toolkit that is used for the creation, categorization, organization, validation and of any kind of information regarding your products. This WAVE solution ensures an adequate product content workflow, all the way from creating, gathering and approving to the final product.

Manage your product information the right way Grow your business with easy product information management and distribution. Put your data in one place and give your user base an amazing and efficient product experience.

Automatic translations of marketing & pack copy content


TRANSLATE embrace translation automation and a fast time2market

It provides automatic translation of your content. Translate allows an efficient and consistent multilingual product communication. Helps to enable automation, legal compliance, efficient searching & storage of all pack or other marketing information.

Achieve consistent and accurate translations


PHRASE & TRANSLATE creates, manage and optimize product content!

Phrase and Translate is our content management solution (CMS) in WAVE that helps to create, manage and optimize product related digital text content.(Copy Collation)
Phrase allows users to run and collaborate on the creation, editing and production of proven product information.

Translate allows an efficient and consistent multilingual product communication. Non-technical users can create, manage and publish digital content by content authoring using the terminology database of Phrase and an efficient localization using the the translation memory of Translate.


Phrase & Translate

Master Content

Collate and Approve marketing and pack copy content in predefined categories while managing them on a centralized terminology database.


Start typing within your content creation and see already approved master content suggestions from the terminology database.


Add and define terms in the glossary to ensure consistency and accuracy. Entries will automatically be suggested in the text editor.

Terminology database

Terminology database is the library of master content. The terminology is used to streamline and harmonize your content.

Translation memory

Save time and ensure consistency by using professional-grade translation memory with one-to-one matching with the related master content.

Machine translations

Save time with automatic translation suggestions from machine translation engines — AWS, DeepL, or CAT tools like TRADOS.

Multilingual view

Track your approved master content on the job level and display the the translated while activating the needed languages.



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