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EVALUATE, our process improvement tool

These dashboards are a stack of visualizations created in Tableau with the aim of further improving the artwork management process. These dashboards not only report on the historical trends but also help to identify bottlenecks in the process. Using a lean methodology, the user can manage the process efficiently by identifying critical jobs based on takt times. With complete integration with Wave, these dashboards are handy to use.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure!

With this module, complex process data is represented in the dashboard giving details focus on the following topics:

  • Volume of Work
  • Active Job Report
  • Approval Loop Report
  • Rework Report
  • Throughput Report

Additionally, user-defined filtering makes the experience personalized for in-depth analysis.

Customize & Download Reports!


Our solution for you to download data.

With this module, you can create custom reports about job overview, process timing, approval loop, and on-hold data for ad-hoc requests. You can download the raw data in .csv or .xlsx from our front end powered by tableau or have reports delivered to the portal securely.

Data Lake Add-on

Do you already have a BI team and resources to build your own internal reports? Then we have got you covered with the Data Lake Add-On.
We will securely host the raw data for you, on which you can connect your BI tools to build your own visualization.

Concise. Process Report!


ONE-PAGER provides a single page synopsis of the process of health

With a comprehensive view regarding the Volume of Jobs and Approval Loops, this dashboard is ideal for project owners to get a quick update about of process. Watermarks benchmarking against historical data are effective for measuring the efficiency of the process. With up to 5 user-specific filters, the user can make deep-dive study, making this perfect day-to-day reporting tool.



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