Entdecken Sie WAVE!

Eine moderne Lösung, zur Verwaltung und Prüfung von Verpackungen und Produktinformationen.


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Easy access – transparent system

WAVE logs all the relevant information for your artwork management process and makes the right information available at the right time.

Keep track of things – simply filter and search

Manage all of your projects with the timeline overview, which makes available to you all the necessary information for tracking.

Cost optimisation in marketing

Reduce the cost of marketing applications by transparency and effectively implement optimised communication and approval processes to increase production.

Boost time-to-market performance

WAVE enables time spent on artwork development and approval to be shortened by increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the development process.

Use WAVE to make your workflow transparent and efficient


WAVE is a Web-based artwork management system. The ultimate solution for your digital artwork management process! Keep track of your project – with a single click!

WAVE is a Web-based software solution for your brand and artwork management process. Our system offers you and your team a transparent and global overview of your artwork projects – from idea through to print.Thanks to WAVEs user-friendly and intuitive user interface you complete your projects fast and efficiently.

WAVE – Artwork Management System

Use the WAVE Artwork Management System to System to collect product data and execute your projects efficiently

Put simply

Experience WAVE in action!

We show you how WAVE is used to optimise your artwork management process and reduce complexity in the performance of  projects.

Experience an interactive live demo, an overview of all applications and application examples and best practices.


Functions in overview

Functions in overview Core Extented
Individual product and briefing information
All tasks and communication at a glance
Complex approval processes displayed simply
Fast checking and comparison of artwork
Central data and project management overview
Manage and automatically translate product content
Individual reporting for key figure evaluation
Management of cross-media content

WAVE Artwork Management – Easy in Use. Powerful in Performance.

Increase your productivity with WAVE

See for yourself how WAVE is used to automate communication and marketing, optimise your processes, increase customer retention and commitment and so save time and costs.


High proficiency and experience in brand management.

Bauen Sie auf 5FLOW, Ihren zuverlässigen Partner. Wir stellen unsere Kunden in den Mittelpunkt stellt und setzen auf Vertrauen und Ehrlichkeit.

Workflow management

Workflow management enables processes, products and strategies to be optimised.

Zentrale Steuerung aller Workflows und Prozesse. Meistern Sie Ihr digitales Artwork Management und beherrschen Sie das komplexe Zusammenspiel von Informationen, Aufgaben und Personen.

User interface

Uniform and intuitive user interface for all users and tasks.

Optimieren Sie Kontrolle und Projektmanagement mit agilen Methoden, kollaborativen Werkzeugen und Automatisierung.

Workshop & training on-site

We work with you to set up your optimum artwork management process.

Lernen Sie uns kennen! Zusammen mit Ihnen erarbeiten wir den optimalen Prozess und testen diesen ausgiebig mit Ihnen.

Smart Solutions
Smarter workflow

Concentrate your entire artwork management in a central system. WAVE generates new information from the links between processes and makes it usable for the most diverse scenarios. In the INTEGRATE module WAVE offers interfaces which enable data and information to be obtained from any desired external sources and consolidated.

Produktinformationen zusammenführen

Konsistente Kommunikation ihrer Produktdaten

Effektive Mehrfachnutzung ihrer Produktdaten

Transparente Prozesse

Sequentielle oder parallele Freigabeprozesse

Eindeutige Verantwortung im Changemanagement

Organisierter Informationsfluss

Einfache Status- und Meilensteinübersicht

Artwork Versionvergleich

Komplexe Prozesse simplifizieren

Our customers speak for themselves

Our customer´s experience reports give an exciting and informative insight into their experience and experiences with WAVE.

WAVE ist die ultimative Lösung für Ihren digitalen Artwork Management Prozess.

Communicate globally with WAVE

5FLOW is a member of the SGK Group, a part of Matthews International Company. SGK is a leading company in the field of brand implementation that supports its customers from design through to production.

Innovative teams. Great ideas.

We rely on the latest Web technologies and on stable and future-proof solutions, open standards, highest performance and easy integration.

Our team in Jülich, Germany, made up of specialised software developers, customisers and consultants, always aims to be one step ahead of the competition in the provision of the latest corporate solutions.

Easy in use. Powerful in performance.

WAVE architecture is based on future-proof microservices and, thanks to the support of the latest standards, can be problem-freely integrated into existing and future technology stacks for digital marketing. WAVE is installed on a high-performance server environment. Using server monitoring and reports, we identify performance problems direct and respond or improve the infrastructure before the end-user runs into performance problems.

WAVE is the ultimate solution for your digital artwork management process.