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About 5FLOW

IT Solutions & Management Software

Service providers of brand management solutions

We believe systems should be simple and speed up our customers’ processes.

Experience in brand management

Thanks to close collaboration with commercial companies, manufacturers and agencies we can already draw upon many years of experience and so on extensive know-how in the area of brand management. We should be pleased to advise and support your brand management team and optimally implement your requirements using agile sotware deveopment.

Teamwork & startup culture

5FLOW was spun off from the Matthews/SGK Group in 2011 as a start-up provider of brand management solutions. Because of the still prevailing start-up mentality decisions can be reached very fast and team members creatively integrated into the WAVE development process.

Group collaboration

The 5FLOW team is made up of many new as well as many experienced members, who are constantly further-conceptualising and -developing our products. We are engaged all the time in a vigorous exchange with our SGK sister companies and develop carefully tailored software solutions to meet contemporary requirements. Profit from 5FLOW know-how and utilise the full potential of the whole SGK Group.

Our skills & expertise

5FLOW is an international software company that helps organisations stay fit to face future challenges of digital communication through innovation.

For over 20 years our company group has provided agile digital platforms for setting up digital communication and exciting customer experiences. 5FLOW was started up in 2011 as a spin-off from the Matthews Group. Our WAVE artwork management system was developed on the basis of the existing WEB.portal technology and because of our great experience in brand management is clearly focused on software solutions in the area of design, project and content management. We think of every one of our customers as a partner and every project as a collaborative effort. That is why we are always eager to help our customers as well as possible and at the same time to learn as much as possible from their specific challenges.

Our vision

WAVE is our vision of networked communication in the brand management of manufacturers, brand manufacturers and commercial enterprises. In this fast-moving market where people, products and information are increasingly dependent on and linked to one another 5FLOW is at home. As a loyal, young enterprise at eye level, we do not weary you with unnecessary technical jargon but work with you to find the best solution for your brand management process.

Always on the move – current projects

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Our services & our experience

For more than 5 years the 5FLOW team have been offering WAVE as a Web-based platform to optimise and re-organise communication and complex processes in artwork management.
Agile development

The 5FLOW team works agilely in software development to rapidly adapt to customer wants and changes without the risk of increasing errors.

See the difference!

WAVE is a design lifecycle management system with which projects can be displayed at a level of detail that large PLM systems do not cover.

Process know-how

As an independent member of the SGK Group, 5FLOW is a service provider of brand management solutions, where the process know-how of the team as well as of the entire group is of use.

Workflow optimisation

Use WAVE's advantages and the 5FLOW team's knowledge to speed up your artwork management process. Reduce emendation processes and cost by letting us optimise your workflow.

Increase your efficiency yourself – with 5FLOW!

With WAVE you can optimise your processes by making your communication channels in marketing transparent and automating work steps. Increase your efficiency and use our know-how and commitment.

Development & implementation

We work agilely with our customers to develop individual lifecycle management solutions. We focus here on the integration and analysis of complex brand management processes and their visualisation in our WAVE intuitive, Web-based design lifecyle management system. Get in contact with us and use our many years of experience and expertise gained in numerous projects for the most diverse branches of industry and commerce and on very different size scales.


Intuitive UI & cross-platform services

WAVE offers your brand management team an intuitive graphic interface to enable you to manage your checking and approval processes easily and overviewably. When developing new, customer-specific workflows and applications it is also important to integrate existing systems into procedures. Up-to-the-minute interface protocols are therefore as much a part of our day-to-day work as the implementation of proprietary interfaces.

Process analysis & consulting

Without making a thorough analysis of business procedures in your organisation first no process optimisation is possible. We help you better understand the requirements of your artwork and product management and to prioritise the formulated needs of users. Our team brings to their task a high degree of understanding of work procedures in brand management. We work with you in a workshop to develop your individual needs analysis. Then, working on the result of this workshop, we develop your individual checking and approval processes.


Digital marketing & Web-based services

Widely differing systems, processes and external partners make a consistent brand strategy and access to all brand content difficult for your brand managers. With WAVE you integrate brand management into all approval and collaboration processes direct – for everyone at any time and up-to-datedly. You save time and money and at the same time strengthen the value of your brand and the loyalty of your customers.