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Lifecycle Management

Administer and manage all product data and processes throughout the entire life-cycle – from idea through to print.


More transparency and efficiency for your artwork management process – project-focused communication with WAVE.

Approval process

Every emendation and every process step is logged in WAVE history and can be traced back at any time.

Digital asset management

Stores all kinds of media data. Meta-data enable fast search, fast categorisation and related product search.

Design lifecycle management. Experience more with WAVE!

Shorten the time-to-market for all your products and brands in the artwork management process at a vastly reduced cost and with vastly less effort.

WAVE function

Experiences in brand management

Our customers´experience reports afford an exciting and informative insight into experience a experiences with WAVE.
Use this aid when preparing and planning your WAVE environment.


Link different user groups with WAVE.

WAVE simplifies complex processes for the most diverse user groups. Approval processes can be integrated individually, sequentially or parallelly.

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Service provider for brand management solutions

Founded 2011 with an experienced team from this business division.

Concentrate your entire artwork management in a central system. WAVE generates new information from the links between processes and puts this to use for the most diverse scenarios. With its integrate module WAVE offers interfaces which enable data and information to be obtained from any desired external sources and consolidated.


5FLOW – an SGK startup.

Use expertise to boost market performance. Operates independently and absolutely confidentially.

5FLOW is part of SGK, a business division of Matthews International Corporation. SGK is a leading company in the field of brand implementation that supports its customers from design through to production.


We believe that systems should be simple ...

... and speed up our customers‘ processes. Use our know-how.

We rely on the latest Web technologies and on stable and future-proof solutions, open standards, highest performance and easy integration. Our team in Jülich, made up of specialised software developers, customisers and consultants, always aims to be one step ahead of the competition in the provision of the latest corporate solutions.


Web-based platform for your artwork management.

Discover WAVE and find the solution to your marketing and artwork management process.

Experience WAVE in action! We show you how you can use WAVE to optimise your artwork management process and reduce complexity in the execution of projects. Experience an interactive live demo, an overview of all applications and examples of application and best practice.

Experience the advantage of WAVE modules

WAVE is constructed modularly as a core system and consists basically of five core modules:


Is all your product-related information up to date and available at any time? Do you manage this information effectively, and is it available to all those involved in processes? Then just take a look at the OUTLINE core module!

Our OUTLINE briefing module offers a front-end designed to capture all product-related information and to be individually configurable to meet your needs. At the same time, using WAVE, different users can group together, check and approve product specifications. A classic master-data management process in WAVE that is part of your product information system. Not only that, also project-related information like responsibilities and key dates is communicated at a central point in OUTLINE, is kept up to date and is available to all of those involved in processes at all times. With OUTLINE you guarantee consistent communication of your product data and have a product archive at your disposal for the long term. With OUTLINE you create the basis for effective multiple use of your product data.

Do you know what stage your projects have reached? Can you see at any time what stage current projects have reached?

In the TIMELINE core module you have at your disposal a milestone-based project dashboard. Our TIMELINE workflow module shows your processes in a simple overviewable form. At a glance you can see the status of your projects and the progress made by all of the project components. With TIMELINE you configure your standard business processes in a flexible and for the user transparent form. Along the milestones in TIMELINE tasks are allocated to various persons involved in the project by means of different authorisations. It is therefore easy to see who is performing which task in the project, so work in the team can be done without much effort of coordination. With TIMELINE you make your processes transparent and lay down the basis for efficient project management.

How do you manage communication for your projects? Is the flow of information manageable and documented at all times? COMMUNICATE organises your project communication and groups all information in a history.

With the COMMUNICATE communication module you reduce the flood of emails. Files are managed logically by category. User-specific task lists, chat enquiries as info or with a request for an answer. On your homepage you find everything neatly structured, always accessible and always manageable. For example, stand-ins can be arranged without a lot of coordination. COMMUNICATE groups all project information in a logfile. An effective audit trail and an excellent basis for a continuous improvement process.

Who has checked what? How do you organise your approval processes? Make the complexest approval processes secure and manageable with APPROVE, the approval process module in WAVE.

The approval process is pretty much the decisive quality process in the company. The most diverse parties are involved in it and are integrated into the checking process either sequentially or parallelly. International teams work together and specifications are checked with the aid of check lists right across time zones. Changes are communicated, commented on and transferred to a robust change management process. With APPROVE you achieve a product reliability that goes beyond market standard and is documented at all times in a closed quality chain.

What document was last checked? Were the documents displayed correctly, and are you certain that the right version was approved? Our different VISUALISE modules are the professional tools that your team needs to be able to carry out a qualified check.

With VISUALISE we rely on third-party products that make available tools individually tailored for the document type and the task concerned. Whether it is simple correction notes, text emendations with a life text function, version comparisons and automatic analyses of document differences – all of these functions have been integrated seamlessly into WAVE without changing the tool. That means we are open to innovation from the market and can respond fast to changes in requirements.

Practical solution for companies. 5FLOW´s flexible, scalable technology can be used on site, in the cloud or in hybrid models. Use our know-how!

Be impressed by our experience!

WAVE offers more transparency and efficiency for your artwork management processes.

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First steps towards your WAVE management process

We work with you to develop a strategy for the optimum use of WAVE in your artwork management process.

WAVE workshop

Get to know us! We log your artwork management process and develop a first concept.

Workflow design

Our workflow design document supports you when you coordinate with the 5FLOW consulting team.

Process optimisation

We work with you to work out the best process and test it thoroughly in your own WAVE cloud.

WAVE implementation

When the process has been agreed on and optimised, your WAVE system goes live in your organisation.

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Cut costs and optimise quality by combining the global management of your design, artwork and prepress processes with the flexibility of WAVE.

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